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Oct 26, 2012 at 12:54 PM

ABAP Cache Not Refreshing



We recently patched our DEV system from NW7.02 Supp Pack 10 to NW7.02 Supp Pack 12. Since then we have had problems with the ABAP cache. Not sure whether this is as a result of the patch (i.e. it contained a bug) or there was an issue applying the patch. What is happening is as follows:

* Activate a change to a Configuration Directory object

* View Cache Notifications

* Two lines displayed as follows:

As you can see (if you zoom in on the image) the ABAP Cache has not updated. If you click on the 'Problems' tab there is one associated error which says:

Unable to notify integration runtime (ABAP) of data changes

http connection to "http://devserver/sap/xi/cache?sap-client=001" returns the status code "500" in response

If I go to a browser and enter the URL above I am able to refresh the cache i.e. the cache notifications tab shows 2 green lights. For info I have checked the HMI connection in SM59 and it gives "Internal Server Error 500" which I am led to believe shows it is working.

Any ideas why this patching exercise could have caused this caching issue ?




ac1.JPG (21.0 kB)