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Oct 26, 2012 at 10:11 AM

Wrong account assignment category in automatically created PO in transportation process.


Dear Gurus

I am configuration transportation management for testing purpose. My scenario is very simple. There is no legs involved in it. No complex costing or pricing is involved. Scenario is

Delivery order created with Route Entered manually.

Shipment document created with VT01N and assigned this delivery to it.

Shipment cost document created with VI01 and transfered to Accounting.

PO created automatically PO type ZMZ.

Everything is working fine. The issue is with account assignment category in PO. If I create it manually I use K (Cost Center) but when it is being creating by transfering from shipment cost document it is U (Unknown). Due this no accounting document is created. I dont know MM very well thats why I cant dig out why this account assignment category is U. How to control this account assignment category determination? I am attaching some screen shots for your convenience to understand the issue.

Item Category I am using is.

Document flow of shipment document

PO created automatically