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Jul 20, 2005 at 06:22 PM

More information -Transaction SQ02


Hi ,

I need to create an Infoset bewteen two ODS and use this infoset as Datasource to load into a Higher Level ODS.

For this Should i being doing the steps as below

1) Create an Infoset using Transaction SQ02

2) How do I Generate a datasource and then Do I need to

3) Create an Infosource and use the datasource to Load the Higher level ODS

4) Do I need to create an ABAP program and is there any example for the same.

5)Or How do i read the table if any generated.

I have seen and wasnt sure about the options "Reading the tables directly and using programs to retreive data.

Please provide more information for this transaction and steps as needed.

Thanks and Regards