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Oct 26, 2012 at 07:55 AM

Business Transaction Event


Hi Expert,

Can please some one help me in creating BTE i need to assign a validation in reference filed while posting an invoice in FB01.

In the Reference field on Tcode FB01, entry from table ZMM1T_HIERARCHY-ZZFARM should be populated for all FI documents which are related to creditor type ZMEM.

If the user does not enter a value in the reference field the following error-massage should be shown:

EN: "Register Farm as reference".

DA: "Indtaste gård som reference".

SV: "Ange gård som referens".

Validation of the input in the field should be done in the following way:

Read table ZMM1T_HIERARCHY where Vendor No (from the FI-post) = ZZMEMB and value from Reference = ZZFARM

If no hit show the following error message:

EN: "Farm not connected to member".

DA: "Indtastet gård ikke tilknyttet medlemen".

SV: "Angiven gård är ej kopplad till medlemmen".

If the program finds an entrie then allow the entered value in the reference field.

Please help me 😔