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Clock in/out corrections in ESS EHP5

Dear All,

The employee's clock-in clock-out records are updated from the time recording terminal to Infotype 2011 via an interface.

Issue one :-Now, when we try to use the SAP's clock-in clock-out corrections application to change or delete the existing clock-in or clock-out time for any particular day,it will not allow to change or delete the entries which are updated from backend system.

However, when we create a new clock-in clock-out entry from ess, we are able to change the date and time for that entry but not for any entry that is transferred from the time recording terminal.

Any idea if the standard application can be used to change existing clock-in clock-out record or how can this scenario be met in ESS?

Issue two :- Example :- Employee Clock in/out is uploaded as 11:30 AM to 18:30PM , employees says his clock in should be from 09:30 AM , now employee have created a clock in at 09:30 and after approval is has been posted to IT2011. Now while i am running Time evaluation system is having two clock in at 09:30 & 11:30 pair formation is not happening due to two clock in data .

We are on EHP5

SP Level 21


Raja Sekhar

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Oct 25, 2012 at 08:22 PM

    it was not possible to edit the changes for the records coming from subsytem

    check this note 1733245 and 1706680

    Read about this behavior here in note 774599.

    Note that

    Clock-In/Out Entries Cannot Be Deleted
    Specifies whether employees are permitted
    to delete original clock-in/out postings
    (time events in the TEVEN table).

    Time events that have been processed by a time
    administrator in the Time Events infotype (2011)
    cannot be changed or deleted in the Web application.

    Here is the Path in SPro also refer too :

    SPRO->Personell Managment->ESS->Service Specific Settings->CLOK in CLock
    out Corrections->Processing Processes->Define Processing Process's docu
    ment which reads:
    Define Processing Processes (V_PTCOR_WFATTR)

    how did incorrect time got uploaded? verify?

    also check behavior using v_t705b

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  • Posted on Feb 17, 2016 at 12:17 PM

    Dear Experts

    kindly support and help me cause I need to know how to transfer/push the attendance data (clock in/out) from the attendance system to SAP then showed in ESS

    your help is highly appreciated

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