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Jul 20, 2005 at 01:51 PM

No folder/prefix found after integrating a Win System in KM


Hello all,

I like to make documents saved in window file system available in KM. I use EP6 SPS12 on W2K. My idea was using a CM repository with fsdb accessing a mounted share. I checked the online help for this and went through the following steps:

- made the documents of the w2k filesystem as share available (W2K)

- configured the servlet engine user rights

- created a network path

- created a Windows System (in KM Landscape definition)

- created a KM Windows System in the Portal System Landscape (for user mapping)

- finally created a CM repository manager (with w2k security manager)

After this steps I found not the given prefix (/xyz ) in the KM Content explorer iView. I do not know why. I tried it a several times with an AclSecurityManager too.

I know the root directory should be the same like in network path. There are a lot of possibilities where mistakes are possible.

Do someone know which mistakes maybe responsible that the prefix is not viewed under the KM content root folder?

Do you have an idea where I could check what is going wrong?

Thanks for every response