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Oct 24, 2012 at 07:40 PM

SP09 MDM Tuple Assignment



I am using SP09 and planning to use assignments on tuples. I think SAP has come up with good design to eliminate long waited limitation(writing assignments on qualified or tuples), not quiet sure whether its working for every one or not.

I have a problem in wiring assignment for Plant level data(Location Data).

My requirement is "I have 3 plant codes(Plant1, Plant2 & Plant3) assigned to every material master record and need to default profit center "A" for Plant1 and "B" for other plants".

I try to build assignment for this requirement and SP09 has 2 options, 1) at Tuple "Location Data" table level 2) at Materials "Main" table level

1) I write assignment at tuple table level and it works fine, when I execute this assignment manually. However this assignment is not available in workflow to make this assignment to run automatically by launching workflow with "Update" on any record. I guess this is the limitation still exist "Tuples assignments are not allowed to use in workflow"

2) I write same assignment at Products Main table level and it doesn't work well. I can only default value to all the tuple records. For my requirement it is defaulting "A" for all the location data (tuple) records.

Does any of you overcome this problem or every having same issue as mine. Am I doing something wrong in the expression.

Here is expression for reference

IF(Location Data.Plant.Code="0001","A","B")