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Jul 20, 2005 at 12:30 PM

Error in InfoCube Transportation


Hi All,

I transported InfoCube from one server to another server, the infocube is displaying in destination server but data is not displaying if I look in

1). Right click on InfoCube -

Manage --- Contents --- InfoCube content / Fact Table

2). if I click 1st time on this InfoCube in target server I am getting error message in pop-up window that: in Error in Object Editing window; Package Z_TBCPACK does not exist.

This Z_TBCPACK is I created and used for transport request in source server.

3). If I click on Update Rules the same message is that; Package Z_TBCPACK does not exist. In Update Rules change window the Version is displaying as Revised. If I try to check or activate the Update rules the same message is getting that; Package Z_TBCPACK does not exist.

After importing the infocube in target server I have to upload the data file for this cube to display the data?

Please help what I have to do, urgent please.