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Oct 24, 2012 at 04:17 PM

RLLL06SE is failing after system crashed during a batch run


Right in the middle of the program RLLL06SE running, our system crashed. This program is part of a whole series of programs we run to do Warehouse activity monitoring which is better known as LL01. I'm throwing a lot of stuff in this so that others can find this, I looked all over SCN for how to fix this but couldn't find it.

After we got the system back up and tried to run our warehouse activty monitor job of which RLLL06SE is one of the steps ( step 6 to be exact ), we get the following error message as soon as it gets to the RLLL06SE step again:

Message LL001 - Data determination for warehouse monitor object Negative stocks already running

I understand the issue, so how do we clean this up ? I would suspect there's a lock in SM12 or somewhere else is causing the system to constantly throw this error.