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Oct 24, 2012 at 02:32 PM

NWBC 4.0 Sidepanels from POWL's



I was wandering if there is a way, via PFCG, to handle sidepanels from a transaction called from a POWL. E.g. I have a POWL showing some PO's and when I click on a link or a button to show one PO, this should open a SAPGUI transaction (ME22N) with a sidpanel showing some information about the vendor.

I can see the sidpanel if I call the transaction directly from the navigation in NWBC, by adding the sidepanel to the same level in the PFCG folder structure, but I don't have this option, when I want to call the transaction from the POWL, while this is handled by OBN.

Can anybody please piont me in the right direction?