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Oct 24, 2012 at 01:51 PM

Dealing with KM Resources


Hi guru's

Since a few days now, I'm trying to develop a simple webdynpro java that I have to deploy on our KM portal.

The goal of this webdynpro :

  • check the existence of a document
  • if the document does'nt exist, the user must upload it
  • the upload action itself must
    • set a property to the document
    • set a permission on the document.

The problem : I'm really stucked with this statement :

IResourceContext rc = ResourceContext.getInstance(user);

This statement deals with variable user which is of type, but the portal returns me an exception that I'm not able to fix. (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

I Read a lot of post on SCN and try almost everything I found interesting but without succes...

Any idea or suggestion?

Many thanks in advance