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Jul 20, 2005 at 10:46 AM

Char. Check/Proposal Exit Error


Hi there,

I've got a problem using FM for Characteristic Check/Proposal.

I had to check the correctness of CHAR1 & CHAR2 combination inserted in a MP layout by reading a BW table.

This option (exit) is selected in PA char relations tab, and it's work fine until CHAR2 is not initial.

If CHAR2, where the exit is defined, is '#' , the FM doesn't start.

So i've linked also CHAR1 to the FM exit and that does the trick! now it's possible check CHAR2 even if it is null!

But in my PA there are many levels and in some of them CHAR2 is not in the data selection due to project requirements.

So the system returns a missin parameter dump if i try to execute function or layout in those levels.

By this fact I've changed FM by selecting the "optional" flag for the characteristic to be imported in.

No dump problem anymore.....but now if i try to execute a layout in which is selected "all possible combination" the system returns a "No combination could be generated in step 04"!!!

I'm getting mad about that!

My question is: how can I bypass that? Is it possible inside the FM Abap Code to select the specific plevel in which has/has not to work?

Thanks for listening & feedback