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Oct 23, 2012 at 08:57 PM

Private Expense Wizard config


I need serious help with how to config for getting the private expense wizard to work correctly. i.e. when an employee charges a personal charge on their corporate card, it creates a debit against their employee vendor record. Then the next time they have an out of pocket reimbursement due to them, it will net out the personal charge against what they are owed and pay the difference.

I need config settings for the following expense types:



Lodging (currently the only expense type in our system that is setup for wizard splitting)

Personal Charge on Corp Card (expense type assigned to the private expense in wizard)

I raised a note with SAP as this was working at the beginning of the year (at our go-live) and all they could tell me was that it was a "config issue" but could not advise how it should be setup! It quit working some months later. Unfortuantely the consultant who did the original config is no longer on our project and I cannot determine the correct setup to get it to work. Our workaround is to have the employee mail a personal check to our AR department.

Currently it is giving a credit amount on the cover sheet, but when the settlement process is ran, the total is less the personal amount, and not generating a credit on the vendor. So it's not recognizing that the amount is due back to the company.

I have tried all kinds of settings playing with each of the above expense types, but cannot come up with the correct combination.

Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated!