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Jul 20, 2005 at 09:24 AM

TableView - selectedRowKeyTable


Hello again,

i am still fighting with my TableView and got another Problem. In OnInitialization i fill a table for selectedRowKeyTable and the Tableview looks ok, as the specified keyrows are selected. But when i now send the form and want to identify the selected rows in OnInputProcessing I receive wrong results.


tv ?= CL_HTMLB_MANAGER=>GET_DATA( request = request
                                  name = 'tableView'
                                  id = 'tv_k' ).
table_event = tv->data.
itItems = table_event->GET_ROWS_SELECTED( ).

Wrongs means here:

- Only the first of all preselected items is identified

- The index of this item is 0

- If i have deselected the preselected items i receive all of them as selected (with correct index) and additional the first one a second time (with index 0)

I think it must have to do something with the missing(?) index.

Any ideas on this?

Thank for your help,