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Oct 23, 2012 at 12:43 PM

SSP not paying to new starter



I am having an issue with the calculation of SSP for new starters and would be grateful for any pointers.

Customer sick scheme says that for the first 6 months, there are no entitlement bands. Customer is expecting, therefore, SSP to caluclate and pay as per standard daily rate for any qualifying days. this works OK for one idenfitied employee. For the error employee, GBSxP is calculatting OSP and paying this. My question is this:

how can OSP be calculating for one employee and not the other, when there are no entitlement bands in the scheme at this point?? the only difference i have so far found is in the "Table MSA filled with OxP data between..." bit. If you expand fully, under the lines that say accessing tables T512W and T554C, just above the line that reads "KIT Day Processing" the error employees has the line "Daily Rate in ONIL gives xxx,xxx.xx" the employee who works does not have this line at all. Where does thsi process come from? both employees are identical eegroup and subgroup so COVER and GMOD are processed the same for each.

I hired (not clone) the correct employee into the DEV system but they do not work in DEV. perhaps there is something different in the way the employees were hired? actions are all identical. IT0041 no records for either. attempts to move employees to same position had no effect.

thank you very mcuh for any assistance

best regards