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Oct 23, 2012 at 10:54 AM



Hi Guru's

I was hoping someone could tell me why the object S_DEVELOP is set as a proposal in transactions SEARCH_SAP_MENU & SEARCH_USER_MENU? Or has this been change in SU24 by our previous consultant?

Compiling some analysis on how many users in our PRD system has access to object S_DEVELOP I was amazed when I found all end users had access through a generalised end user role profile. The activity is restricted to display only (03) but this is still dangerous as there are ways around this I beleive such as debugging (/h) in a live system

I aim to remove this proposal from the transaction and re-generate the role profile in question but could anyone suggest if this is the wrong way to approach this as usually I wouldn't touch SU24? Is there any other knock affects I should consider in removing this proposal from these transactions?

ECC 6.0

Many Thanks