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Oct 23, 2012 at 10:32 AM

Dashboard against Bex Query FP3 - Usage options?



We're making some architecture decisions regarding BO/BW landscape before development starts. There is no BO legacy, but BW is widely used.

We'd like to be able pull data from BW to run BO dashboards from any location - SAP enterprise portal, BO workspace, pdfs, powerpoints.

Without FP3 it seems my only option is to create a webi with a bex connection, publish it as a web service and then make a dashboard on that service. Using the direct connection from dashboards to Bex would limit usage to EP only, correct?

I see that FP3 offers Bex queries through the query panel. Does that mean executable dashboards using live BW data can now be saved on the CMS and exported to pdf and powerpoint?. Any performance considerations?