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Oct 23, 2012 at 09:04 AM

Text Data Source


Hi Experts,

I'm working on a DM that uses document status (from MM invoices and FI documents).

From one side of the model (FI docs) i use 0AC_DOCSTAT and its Texts (standard datasource).

For MM Invoices model i use 0INV_STAT. I've creteated a text DS based on the domain. It's working fine. Texts are populated correctly in BW.

I then combine all of this info in a Multicube, and use 0AC_DOCSTAT as the charateristic.

I have rules that map 0INV_STAT to 0AC_DOCSTAT, in a intermediate MM Cube, that include some "transformations" for some of the status that have the same key (see bellow example)

0INV_STAT 0AC_DOCSTAT (to be used in the MC)



I've changed the key of this MM invoices status, because there is already documents with status A and B on the FI side

This conversion is also working fine.

My issue now are the texts..

How can I have object 0AC_DOCSTAT with all the status texts - original 0AC_DOCSTAT texts + 0INV_STAT Text, considering that keys have changed


From R3


Key Desc

' ' Normal

A Clearing

B Reset

V Parked


Key Desc Transformation to 0AC_DOCSTAT

3 With Errors 3

5 Posted 5

A Parked F

B Parked and complete G

So what I want to have in the final is


Key Desc

' ' Normal

A Clearing

B Reset

V Parked

3 With Errors

5 Posted

F Parked

G Parked and complete

I have this aleready in terms of the keys, i just need to fix the text

Anyone can help?

Many Thanks