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Oct 23, 2012 at 02:49 AM

Error during WIP and Variance calc


Hi All,

We are currently operating in Prod cost by order and multiple valuations scenario.

Business is planning to move to product cost by period for certain materials. Hence we are setting it up in sandbox and development currently.

We have certain issues while calculating WIP and Variance calc.

  1. While calculating WIP,

For operational view, we are getting a message RM 208 "No reporting point found that suits the selection". However, we have set up reporting point mile stones in routing of materials. Also, during testing we have confirmed the milestone operations and out repetitive manf profile also. So we are not sure why this message comes up.

For other valuation views, we are encountering error KV 149 – “Data could not be determined” and KJ 276 – “No WIP at target costs could be calculated”.

However, we are not sure why this appears as we already made settings for the version. We have mentioned the versions as WIP and variance relevant and also make necessary WIP settings for WIP calculation.

2. While calculating Variance,

We are encountering error KV 151 – “Only remaining variance in version ‘0’ – no target costs for order XXXX”

I find that target costs are not calculated for the order and as a result variance calculation is showing all the variances as remaining variances.

Could someone explain me how we can resolve these issues and proceed with setting up product cost by period.

(For our testing we have used posted confirmation of activities. We have tested with both with and without GI performed for the order)

(We did not use GR based GI as we wanted to perform WIP).