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Oct 22, 2012 at 11:48 AM

Absence quota carry forward with deduction of previous quota



We're using a day balance generation in a custom PCR to generate carry forward of leave into a dedicated quota in the new leave year. This carry forward quota is then used up before the annual leave quota in the new year. This generation is done on the last day of the leave year.

The gap we have is that after the absence has been carried forward it remains available on the old quota, so should anyone make a retrospective booking (which happens from time to time) it can end up leaving the new quota in a negative balance e.g. if the leave carried forward has already been used prior to the retrospective booking being made.

For example

2012 quota

25 days available / 20 used ( 5 available )

on 31/12/2012

5 days carried forward

2012 quota still shows

25 days available / 20 used ( 5 available )

2013 CF quota

5 days available / 0 used

What I'd like to do is net off the amount carried forward from the old quota...

so 2012 quota would become

25 20 days available / 20 used ( 0 available )

Any employee needing to make a retrospective booking would then be handled as an exception via a call in to HR who'd then use an IT2013 adjustment.

Does anyone know how best to handle the deduction to the 2012 quota?

Our leave quotas have base entitlement bandings based on length of service so i don't think populating a second day balance would work, and none of the operations available seem to fit the bill either.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance