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Oct 22, 2012 at 09:59 AM

how to link an extended IDOC with an Extended Table



I've extended an idoc FIDCCP02 to add another segment which holds 2 fields

I've also extended BSEG with the same two fields

What I need to know is how the fields on the idoc populate the fields on the table?

I've been looking at Function IDOC_INPUT_FIDCC2

There are user exits EXIT_SAPLF050 _006 & EXIT_SAPLF050 _002 which are used to identify the data on the new segment

This is then used to populate a structure FVBSEG

How would I extend FVBSEG to include the 2 new fields. The description of FVBSEG mentions that it is generated by RSSCD000

would I have to run this and if so what parameters would I use to pick up the BSEG changes