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Jul 19, 2005 at 09:40 PM

How to update DBTABLOG?


Does anyone know how to use a Z*-program to write entries to the database log table DBTABLOG?

The reason I'm asking is we have a batch job to update table T001b. Due to the Sabine-Oxlay requirements, I need to add entries to DBTABLOG each time that batch job updates the table T001b so that auditors can use transaction s_alr_87003642 (go to utilities -> change logs) to see who made changes to table T001b.

Basically, I need to minic how DBTABLOG entries are created when s_alr_87003642 is called to update T001B.

I found out that each T001b line change thru s_alr_87003642 results in 3 new lines in DBTABLOG. The first line has LOGKEY = VB, the third line has LOGKEY = VE.

I can use debug to see how DBTABLOG-logdata(has LRAW data type) is created in the first line and the third line. But debug will not stop at anywhere the second line's DBTABLOG-logdata is created!

So I have trouble to create DBTABLOG-logdata and DBTABLOG-logid for the second line.

If anyone ever wrote directly to DBTABLOG, please tell me how to load information into DBTABLOG fields of LOGDATA and LOGID.