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Oct 21, 2012 at 03:11 PM

Inital workflow question


Hi all

Sorry for such basic questions. I'm an MM / SRM consultant we have implimented and ECC system without workflow. So table based only for determining agents. I doing some itinal investigation to see if we can implement something more standard. I'm revieweing the book Pratical workflow for SAP by Rickayzena nd Brennecke so am trying to avoid asking really stupid questions!

Basicall for P Req approval we have 5 levels of approval. The route of the approval is not necessiarly line manager, hence I don't know how useful the org structure will be, but will be cost centre manager approval. Cost centre manager may or may ot be a direct line item of the requestor or of any of the approvers. The reason I am looking at something more standard, is the table the system integrator has build will, when we are finished implemention will be maybe 250.000 entries long quite manual to maintain.

Is there something I can start looking at such as tasks or task groups or anything else that might help. I noticed in book I'm reading that tasks are unsecure so maybe that isn't the best place to start but any thoughts on this much appreciated.

So basic requirement is 5 levels of approval based on value of the line item in the P req, this is static based on value.. Cost centre manager rather than line manager so can we use an org structure in this case?

I know these are pretty big questions so looking for guidance where I can find something or if anyone has done something similar how did you manage it?