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Oct 20, 2012 at 12:31 PM

Unable to delete wrong directory parameter in AL11


Good afternoon,

In AL11 I have three directory parameters that are wrong it is the DIR_TRSUB, DIRTR_FILES and DIR_TRANS.

The problem is that I can not delete this parameters. I got the following message when I open them:

Wrong order of calls <- CALL opendir(,,..)

Normally after a systemcopy this is also a problem but then we change the parameters by clicking the button "Manage user directories" and click the recycle bin. After that we fil in de new logfile - save and then DIR_TRANS is pointing to the right environment.

When I try to do this the old DIR_TRANS will not go away I can 't delete it so I have two DIT_TRANS.

The cause is probably a wrong adres in the hostfile during systemcopy someone filled in the servername missing one letter and the DIR_TRANS is now pointing to \\server\sapmnt\trans (local server) I want to change it in.


The first servername does not exist

Kind regards,

Leo Harmsen