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Oct 20, 2012 at 11:56 AM

SD : invoice


Bellow is my Process,

In my process i have three prices,

1). Fixed price (for this i had created contract (doc type ZV with material number 10 - and i am doing monthly billing).

2). Variable price (for this two various production points are there based on production quantity we are creating variable order individually for this i am using two materials. for each I am using one material number materials are 11,12 Document type ZA01).

3).Incentive price (excess production her incentive is there for that i am using another material, material number is 13 Document type is ZPOR).

Here my requirement is,

Here we are producing only one material.

but different pricing prices are there.

I need to display three line items in invoice list print out.

first line is: fixed fee-1500

Second line:variable production 1 & variable production 2 -3500.

Third line: performance incentive -1000

I need to use only one material for this process (instead of four i need to use only one material).

Please suggest me the process.