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Oct 20, 2012 at 01:42 PM

hana sql script error


Dear Friends,

i am getting an error when i am trying to run a script can you please help me out what is the issue.

Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;error preparing statement create procedure "_SYS_BIC"."iqm/GETCOLDPRECIPITATION" ( in low_temp_min INTEGER , in low_temp_max INTEGER , out prcpt "_SYS_BIC"."iqm/GETCOLDPRECIPITATION/tabletype/prcpt" ) language SQLSCRIPT sql security definer reads sql data as n /********* Begin Procedure Script ************/ n BEGIN nprct = select location,annual_precipitation from "NYSALES"."local_climate"nttwhere temperature_low between :low_temp_main and :low_temp_max;n END; n /********* End Procedure Script ************/ for oid {tenant: , package: iqm, name: GETCOLDPRECIPITATION, type: 2}

my script


prct = select location,annual_precipitation from "NYSALES"."local_climate"

where temperature_low between :low_temp_main and :low_temp_max;


my input parameter both are int

my output parameter annual_precipitatin is real.

can someone help me out please.