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Oct 19, 2012 at 10:04 PM

CATA daily job run - posting dates


Hello colleagues,

I once had a variant in CATA which was set up to run twice daily (lunchtime and midnight) and it would post any CAT2 entry related costs on the day of the run.

If you looked at the variant set-up initially the posting date and cancellation date was set to the current day.

However with this variant I could let it run twice daily in the background and although the initial date in the 'posting data' and 'cancellation date' fields was a fixed value initially e.g. 12.01.2012 when the variant ran the program the next day it would pick up the current date that it was running and use this date.

The value of this is of course that a new CATA run is not 'pushed' every day but the background job runs twice daily updating the posting dates automatically to the current date.

For reasons unknown this functionality has stopped and now if I set up a variant to run daily in CATA with a posting date of 12.01.2012 then CATA will always try and post everything released into posting date 12.01.2012

I have been advised that leaving the dates in CATA blank will ensure that the posting date is always the date of the original CAT2 entry, but that is not what I want, as the functionality I need is that if time was not entered in a previous month then a person did then enter their timesheet then the time would be posted into the current month.

With the dates left blank in CATA it tries to post into the previous month and then of course I get an error which is that the previous month is financially closed.

Does anyone know how to create this variant or if it is indeed a config issue - where I can set up a daily CATA job where when I run it in the background as a periodic job it will update the posting date to the date that the CATA job runs.

Thank you in advance