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Oct 19, 2012 at 05:09 PM

Loaded data not yet visible in reporting


Hi Experts,

In infocube, when I clicked on Manage, am getting a popup window with the message "Loaded data not yet visible in reporting"

Long Text

Loaded data is not yet visible in Reporting (see long text)

Message no. RSM1130


There is an inconsistency between the load status of the data and the option of reporting on this data.

There is data in the InfoProvider that is OK from a quality point of view, but is not yet displayed in reporting.

The problem, for example, is to do with request XXXXXXX, number DTPR_4XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


Choose Refresh to remove the inconsistency.

I Tried by Refreshing, but still same message I am getting. Please let me know reason for this issue and how to resolve the same.

Status of Data records is in Green