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Oct 19, 2012 at 11:31 AM

SLT replication standards


Hi experts,

one question about SLT replication.

If I want to adjust a table in the source system I have to deactivate the database triggers that was generated from the SLT server. Otherwise I can't activate them. Thats ok I've think because regular databases like Microsoft SQL Server also avoid adjustmants if triggers are active.

But I want to know is there a best practise how to avoid to much downtime, espacially if you have a system with different transport times of different teams (e.g. team one want to transport there changes at the 01.01 and team two at the 02.01.

Did I must for every transport stop the replication and do an full reload? Or is it possible to adjust the activation routine in the system so that it manually make a lock on the db table, deactivate the slt trigger, adjust the table, reactivate trigger and undo the lock?

If you have any tipps and hints for that I'm very happy about.

Best regards,