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Components's requirement date are changed during production order conversion

Dear all,

I have some trouble with component's requirement date during production order conversion.

Component's requirement date at planned order are changed during production order conversion.

Is it standard system behavior?

the behavior is as following:

Planned order 10001, Ord.start 2012/11/19, Ord. finish 2012/12/03

   Component     Offset LT      Qty

1.   CompA           10          2012/12/03     1Pc ⇒based on scheduling calculation, the requirement date should be 2012/12/04 (2012/11/23 is holiday). Since finish date of the planned ord is 2012/12/03, the system automatically adjust it to 2012/12/03.

2.   CompB             0          2012/11//19    1Pc

3.   CompC          -10          2012/11/05     1Pc

When we convert this planned ord to prod.ord. the requirement date of CompA becomes 2012/12/04.

Prod. ord 20001, basic date start 2012/11/19, finish 2012/12/03

   Component      Qty

1.   CompA       2012/12/04     1Pc ⇒ the requirement date is changed.

2.   CompB       2012/11//19    1Pc

3.   CompC       2012/11/05     1Pc

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3 Answers

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    Nov 19, 2012 at 01:05 PM

    Guess is you have maintained your I/H production time for your assembly material as 9 days.
    Because only in such a case, say with forward scheduling and run for basic dates scheduling, the start date will be 19/11 and end date will be 3/12 (taking into account the holiday on 23/11 as specified by you).

    The lead time maintained in the BOM for 10 days(workdays) will calculate the dep reqmt date as 4/12 but order finish date will decide the upper limit for the dependent requirement and so the 3/12 date will be proposed for the dep reqmt.
    (Curious.Do you still see the reqt date of Component C as 5/11 or is it also 19/11)

    Your scheduling setting looks like 'Do not adjust basic dates'. In such a case when your Basic order finish date of 3/12 should be earlier than the Production finish date (which is evident from your Prod order 20001) when you try to convert the planned order into a production order and will be with a 64 exception message. Because of this the system can now push the dep reqmt to the next date ie 4/12 during conversion into a production order which looks like standard system behaviour.

    If and only if the 9 day setting for I/H pdn is true in your case try changing it to 10 days and update on the observations.

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  • Oct 19, 2012 at 11:56 AM


    I hope you have run the MRP with Lead time scheduling.

    Now compare the parameter of scheduling of your planned and production order type in OPU5 and OPU3 for Adjust dates.

    If in OPU3 you defined Adjust dates = Do not Adjust Basic Dates, Dep Req to Order Start. You will have the same date.

    Read the F1 help on this field to get an idea in details.



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      The lead-time offset that I mentioned above is not operation lead-time offset. So I thing that I don't need to run MRP with lead time scheduling.

      I don't know what this means.  Dependent requirements of 'non-lead-time scheduled' planned orders is a function of the BOM and the inhouse production time.  Dependent requirements of Production orders are not a function of these factors.  These dates (planned and production)  will only be the same by coincidence.

      Many stars must be in alignment to consistently have the same dates of dependent requirements between planned and production.

      You actually have to analyze how the dates of the planned orders were achieved.  Then, you have to analyze how the dates of the production orders were achieved.  Then, you have to compare the two.

      Best Regards,


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    Nov 16, 2012 at 02:59 AM

    Dear Suwandi,

    I encounter same problem as you. Have you solved the problem?

    Can you share the solution?

    Thank you.

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Check the offset you've maintained, it would be more than the lead time of the parent. Correct the offset & it should be fine.