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Jul 19, 2005 at 04:01 PM

BP in PCUI!!


Hi there,

I hope i would get solution for this Q. Here is the scenario.

I Business Partners(Accounts) we have the opportunities tab. One of our company requirement is to have Call Reports tab beside Opportunites, and should display all call reports related to that BP. To do this, I exported a variable with value Z for opportunities and Y for call reports to the memory using id sy-uname. I imported this in the read method of the class CL_BSP_ACC_ACCMOD_OPPORTUNITY and separated the structure(delete what i dont need from the structure) and trying to display. This worked very fine. I handled all the events like going to next page, toggle, save, create etc for this newly created tab. This tab has all features similar to that of opportunities only renamed it as Call reports and modifying the required code.

Now the problem is, when i click on add entry button, in Call reports tab, i get all the process types (opportunities and call reports). I dont want that to happen. The add entry in Call report tab should have only Call report process types and Oppurtunities tab should have only opportunity process types.

I tried the similar way of exporting and importing, but i see that in the function modules where the process types get filled has all static variables and if i try to modify that its effecting other application here Activities.

Hoping for help, this is the showstopper now.