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Jan 04, 2017 at 11:43 AM

Sales Open Order Report : Performance Issue


Dear All,

We have a requirement from the customer to create a report with below input parameters -

1. All sales Order should be fetched with delivery date in schedule line before than certain date provided in the Input. (example - if user inputs say 01/02/2017, than all the sales order should be displayed which have delivery date before 01/02/2017.

2. Sales Order for which both delivery order and Goods issue has been posted should be excluded.

This causes a huge performance issue as first we have to fetch all previous years sales order which as per the delivery date from VBEP table and after that we compare from LIPS table for Goods Movement indicator and exclude the Sales Orders.

Please suggest any better way to manage the requirement so that performance can be enhanced for the Report.

like we tried to find any status for goods issue in sales order so that we can exclude the sales order in the first query but could not find any, than we tried to find some standard view for sales order and delivery table so that we can check the status initially. But we could not find any better option.

Looking forward for some better solution