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Oct 18, 2012 at 06:21 PM

MRP Type (V1) and lot size (HB) and Reoder point and a MAX point



For some our items we have choosed to use this strategy of replenishment. By this example I want to explain what is happenning frequently to us.

Lets say I have an Item with a Reorder point of 7 and a Max of 12. If my inventory has dropped to 2, the mrp plan a requisition of 5 items the first time it runs to may be fulfill the reorder-point. And the next time it suggests a requisition of 5 to fulfill the max level.

The consequence of this situation is the fact that the purchase agent handles 2 PO for the same item within a priod of 24h. It's a waste of time and money(double administrative PO fees).

Want to know, please, what is the best strategy or config for the system which can permits us to cover the max level in one shot. For me It's not just changing the reorder point to 12. Something more smart has to be set here.

Thank you