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Former Member
Oct 18, 2012 at 04:56 PM

More Navigational Attribute Insight Required


Hi All

I understand the difference between Display and nav atts with regards to reporting, eg. Nav atts can be filtered and drill downed.

I want to understand the difference in terms of data storage in BW.

Am i right in thinking that nav atts are not stored inthe cube. The master data is retrieved at runtime to get the appropriate value. Lets take a simple example

Sales cube with Sales office as characteristic and Region as attribute of Sales office.

If Sales office is a nav att then when viewing the data in the cube the Region is identified via the Sales office value that is stored in the cube. The sales office master data will contain the Region info.

What is the situation with display atts. If region is a display att then is how are the region values retrieved.

Am i making this more difficult than it is ? Am I totally confused?

Hope you can help