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Oct 18, 2012 at 04:38 PM

Source not included in list despite source list requirement


Hello Experts,

I'm creating a PIR manually with the 'Source Determintion' field flagged

The following are already maintained and available

a. Material Master - Purchasing Tab - "Source List" flagged.

b. For the Material/Plant combination, Source List maintained with vendor and propper validity dates and Fixed Idicator is checked. (Only one vendor in SL and fixed indicator checked)

c. PIR maintained at plant level along with Purchasing data.

d. OME5 (SL/Plant) setting is not flagged (I guess it is not necessary once Mat Master has source list flagged)

Now I get a error message "Source not included in list despite source list requirement"

I do not understand why system demands Source List even when it is created.

Any inputs would be helpful.