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Oct 18, 2012 at 03:32 PM

BEx Analyzer - How to display just one part of the key of an InfoObject


Hello all,

i've got an InfoObject with characterstics A, B, C and D whereby entries in A, B and C are key values. Now I need this InfoObject in a query, in fact only the characteristic C. The Problem is that in BEx Analyzer it is not possible to display only the values of characteristic D.

Example of the result:



"value_3_of_A"/"value_3_from_B"/"value_3_from_C" etc.

So I want to see in BEx Analyzer just "value_x_from_C".

Other example: i don't want to see "World/Asia/China" but "China".

Is it possible to split the key of A-B-C and display only the values of C? I think I need a work-around, right?