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Oct 18, 2012 at 08:40 AM




I have a scenario where I have an outer loop (a WHILE loop)and within that, an inner loop at a checktable. If I find the currently used value (used by the outer loop) anywhere in the checktable, I want to directly exit the current iteration of the outer loop, increase it's counter and continue with the next. Can anybody tell me how I could do that?

Currently I am employing a workaround - in the IF clause that causes to EXIT the inner loop as soon as the value has been found, I set a flag_variable. After exiting (thus returning to the outer loop) I query that variable and when it has a certain value, I use the CONTINUE command to leave the current iteration of the outer WHILE_loop.

That is working - at least I guess so, I haven't tested the thing yet because the entire construction is immensely complex and not yet finished. However, I would like to do that more elegantly with a single command if that were possible?

Thanks a lot!

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