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Oct 18, 2012 at 08:05 AM

Proportional monthly FTE headcount


Hi friends,

One of the requirements customer asks is a proportional FTE headcount depending on how many days employee has worked an specific month. It means, if employee has worked the full month, FTE count would be 1 (or 100%), but if for example on the 15th he has changed role, moved, etc, FTE count should be the proportional to the month (30days month then 0,5 or 50%, 31days month then 0,48 or 48%).

Another problem I have to get this solved is that I need BEGDA and ENDDA (so 0DATEFROM and 0DATETO) to calculate it, and as most of data I'm using is master data from 0EMPLOYEE, these data are missed at 0EMPLOYEE level even if it's been extracted at PSA level. (Can anyone explain me why these data disappear when reaches attr infosource level?)

I've seen there might be something Standard already included in InfoCube 0PAPA_C02 and InfoSource / DataSource 0HR_PA_PA1, but it's not solving my problem.

I've checked in :

and I've checked also SAP note: 336229 , but this note refers to BI versions 2.1C and 3.0 .I'm using BI version 7 and datasource has not been activated and installed automatically from Business Content.

Any tip or kind of help will be more than welcome!?

Thanks a lot!