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Oct 18, 2012 at 05:46 AM

Quality server taking more time to excute compared to dev server fro a report.


The report is to update p10/p20 entry custom infotype of employees.
the loop is running , picking a single employee and its records
and The record is updated using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION.
suppose there are 1000 employees then iteration would be 1000.

When I execute the report in front end for around 280 employees

In dev it completes in less than 2 minutes while the same report in
quality takes 30 minutes.

When executing report in foreground it gives MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING error
and takes 30 minutes to update all the records.
I did run run time analysis on it but due to less memory the run time anaylsis gets cancelled.
when i saw sql trace the 14.6% net is gone in HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION.

While executing report in background it runs for 1039 second and also updates
all the records then it gives SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR.

Is there any error in report ??
or some memory issue??
Why is that it takes more time in quality compared to dev?
what should i do to reduce the execution time in quality??

Do i need to discuss this with basis?
what changes should i do?