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Oct 18, 2012 at 05:36 AM

SAP Standard / ABAP developments in international Roll-outs


The question often arises whether ABAP developments are necessary within global templates by international Roll-outs. Surely SAP functionality can be enhanced for local users by additional ABAP coding in many places. But what will be the price for these developments besides direct costs of ABAP developer? There is also substantial risk for other companies of the Group which work in the same system. Their usual procedures may be disturbed by careless programming. Maintenance cost can be also high. Programs copied from SAP standard delivery objects cannot be updated by SAP OSS Notes anymore. In the last years SAP made huge progress in Russia to make ABAP adjustments unnecessary. SAP standard meets legal Russian requirements with minimum of adjustments and manual workarounds. Where is this cost/benefit/risk ratio for ABAP developments within corporate template – what is your opinion?