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Oct 18, 2012 at 02:57 AM

Alternative Valuation run for Calculating Correct Inventory Balance for the Past Period


Hi Experts,

Let's say 6 months already past since the cutover of SAP production system. We have activated material ledger.

In the past, we have encountered several issues for allocating the variance to ending inventory and COGS. For several months of improvement activities,

We have fixed some issue, change configuration, and corrected the wrong master data. HOWEVER, material ledger post BS accounts which affect the next periods balance for long period of time. Also PL must have been wrong due to this wrong ML calculation.

We are thinking to run Alternative valuation so that we can calculate the "should have been" correct figure for the past 6 month periods.

So, I need to know to run this guy to fulfill this requirement. Please give me the step by step method to run alternative valuation like below.

IMG> XXX>XX active something

T-code : XXX to valuate alternative figure

Detailed explanation for selection paramter would be highly appreciated if possible.

We DO NOT need PERFECT figure, but need a "may be" correct figure generated from reliable source like SAP standard functionality.

Thank you in advance for your kindly reply. Must run it this transaction.