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Oct 17, 2012 at 10:25 PM

SAP Query (can´t delete specific fields)


Hi all

I´m creating a query using COVP table agains a Z table we have.-

What I need is delete records from the COVP when the partner company code is equal to the company code and when the partner company code is blank

For thisI´ve been trying to do this in the "Records processing" section of the query.


Delete itab where itab-BUKRS eq itab-PBUKRS and itab-BUKRS eq blank.


But I get the error message:

Unable to interpret "WHERE". Possible causes of error: Incorrect spelling or comma error. "

In other topic mr. PPIO recomend me to use other option for the Delete function, but as I don´t know to much for coding I´m comming here

Is there something you can recomend me to make this work?

COVP is the table and inside you might find the below fields

COVP-BUKRS (partner ccd)

COVP-PBUKRS (company code)

What I need is to delete records BUKRS = PBUKRS and if BUKRS is in blank