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Jul 19, 2005 at 09:48 AM



Hi all,

i have a problem with creating and sending IDocs for FI-Documents. I use Message type FIDCC1 and the IDoc Basictype FIDCCP01 (with an extension). In the Partnerprofiles i maintained this data combination. But by posting an FI Document an IDoc with IDoc type FIDCCP02 is created but faulty with the reason of not existing entries in the outbound table. The reason of faulty is correct, but i do not really understand why an FIDCCP02 is created. I assume that the reason is the used function module 'FI_IDOC_CREATE_FIDCC1' (i think that is used) and the IDoc type that is used is hard coded FIDCCP02. But some created IDocs fit to my maintained partner profile (FIDCCP01 with extension). So that i am really confused and do not really know what has to be done now.

An OSS message (459938) says that the old FIDCCP01 still can be used. How?

I am working with a 46B (PatchLevel 51).

Please help.

Thanks in advance