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Oct 17, 2012 at 03:32 PM

Cost center assignment for cash discount based on fund during F110


Hello All,

We have a requirement to post the cash discount PL account to different cost centers based on the fund. We have our document splitting active in our company code and document splitting is done at Business Area, fund and Grant level and all three of them are set up to be mandatory in config.

When F110 is run and cash discount is posted;

SAP is splitting the Cash discount into multiple lines if there is a different Business Area / Fund combination as per the document splitting design

But I am unable to assign different cost center per fund.

I tried the following but was not succesful

OKB9 - I was able to substitute cost center at a business area level, but there is no option for fund

CO Substitution (GGB1 or OKC9) - I tried entering a rule by GL account (Cash dicount) and COBL - GEBER; But the system is not taking this into consideration

Example: If i have 3 invoices; split between 2 business areas and 3 funds

The payment document has 3 lines for cash discount

Cash Discount;Business area 1; Fund1 - Cost center assigned to business area 1 in OKB9

Cash Discount; Business area 1; Fund 2 - Same cost center assigned to business area in OKB9, I dont see the cost center that i used in GGB1 by having a prerequisite as the Fund 2

Cash Discount; Business area 2; Fund 3 - Cost center assigned to business area 2 in OKB9

I also tried FI substitutions; By trying BSEG - GEBER and GL account to substitute BSEG - KOSTL; Even that was not succesful.

Can anyone help me with this? Any help is much appreciated and will be rewarded.