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Oct 16, 2012 at 03:57 PM

Effects of transporting a package change (R3TR DEVC entry)


I changed an already existing package (with already transported objects), assigning it an Application Component in SE80 (which was blank).
This generated an entry in the transport request, with the object type R3TR DEVC.

I want to know the implicancies of importing this change in the destination system. Does any recompilation take place or anything like that? Does it cause any change to the objects assigned to the package? I don't think so, since there is a separate option for that ("Write transport entry" > "Package" vs "All Objects"), but I want to be absolutely sure there's no side effect at all caused by transporting this change.

Actually other threads I found related to the subject left me unsure, since some say there's no change to the objects:

...and others quite the contrary:

Please, I expect answers based exclusively on experience and knowledge.

Many thanks