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Jul 18, 2005 at 05:26 PM

BDC | Long Text issue in Upload


Hi there,

<b>scenario :</b>I am uploading contracts into R/3 using VA41 and in this i am supposed to upload the description into long text field which comes as a 1000 character field.

i know there are two ways one is <u>save_text</u> and the other is by <u>double clicking on the text box</u> and going to alphanumeric text editor and then recording it using code <u>TP_detail</u> which is what i have chosen.

<b>issue :</b>

in both the ways by recording and using save_text i have to split the description by fragments of 60 character <i>(alphanumeric editors line length)</i> using a logic <b>(this causes words to get split in between).</b>

is there any way to avoid this if so pls let me know.

i would sincerely appreciate any code samples for the same( i know a lot of people would have faced this issue).

Thanks in advance.


Harish Ramakrishnan.