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Oct 15, 2012 at 04:11 AM

JCO 3.0 multi-user connections support


This is an idea.

We have a CRM R3 system, and we hope to create a customized UI to display the R3 fuction.

The customized UI layer will be a J2EE project.

The comunication between UI layer and the R3 server is designed by JCO 3.0

Unlike other common solution using JCO Pool connection with a specified SAP User,

for each UI login user, we hope to have its own JCO connections(connected throght his own user name and password),

so we can apply the default user access control(data control) in the R3 server.

Then the issue is:

1. Each UI session would have a seperate JCO client direct connection (POOL connection is not good here, because it uses a share user).

If the UI is designed to have 1000 concurrencies, then it is supposed to have 1000 client connections concurrency.

Is this solution rational?

2. Does it have the performance issue or connection limitation?

Now we only have the product env, so we can not test this idea.

3. is there any alternative solution? Better to use Webservice?(publish every RFC to WebService)

thank you very much.