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Former Member
Oct 12, 2012 at 03:04 PM

Asset Revaluation & Impairment IFRS - IAS 16, IAS 36 and IAS 38


Hello SAP Experts,

We are implementing IFRS - IAS 16, IAS 36 and IAS 38 and have found it impossible to customise it using standard functionality. I have implemented oss notes 1144500 & 1254413 but have not been able to arrive at a solution.

We use indexation revaluation and need SAP to do the following:-

1- When an Asset is Impaired the impairment figure should be posted to an impairment account. The standard accounts determined in AO90 allows only accounts Revaluation APC and Offsetting account. This setting posts the Impairment amount to the revaluation account.

2- The opposite side of the impairment is required in the Unrealised revaluation account until the reserve for this asset reaches zero thereafter the the value is charged off to the income statement account.

3- When the indexation changes the already posted depreciation then the new depreciation to required to be posted as Backlog depreciation.

Has anyone any ideas - Please

Many thanks in advance

Mina Rix