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Jul 18, 2005 at 09:36 AM

classpath error while building the project.



I have created an application in which on clicking the button on one view , next view opens and data is displayed in the tables. This data i am giving as static, and for that i have created a java file. this java file is located in the subfolder i have created in the package path i have given. While building the application, i get these two errors :

1) The project was not built due to classpath errors (incomplete or involved in cycle).

2) Missing required source folder 'BPOutageTable/BPOT'

BPOutageTable is the application name, and BPOT is the subfolder in which java file is present.

This application is similar to "The Master/Detail Viewer Application" example in the tutorials.

Can anybody please help in this?

Thanks & regards,