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Oct 11, 2012 at 12:11 PM

Files inside DIR "invisible" to user but are located inside SAP


i recently came across a problem that I have not seen yet.

A user reported that the file inside the DIR was "gone". Opening the DIR indeed showed no file and the change log for the DIR did no report any activity related to files being checked in/out or being created/deleted

However, when looking at all the relevant tables the entry related to the files in question were there:

DMS_DOC2LOIO contained a line for the DIR

DMS_LODESC_CD1 contained an SAP description

DMS_PH_CD1 contained 9 PHIOs and GUIDs for the various content versions

DMS_PHIO2FILE contained the filename

Also running program DMS_KPRO_READ for the DIR showed all the files correctly and I was able to copy these individual files down to my PC and hand them over to the user so no data was lost.

Has anyone experienced this behaviour before and if so how did you correct the situation?